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About Saber X

Saber X Industrial, Inc. was founded in 2016, driven by the development tendency of Automotive Market, the TRADEMARK Saber X is growing rapidly under the leadership of our CEO. The reason why we accomplished such a remarkable achievement as we are one of the leading manufacturers in the People’s Republic of China in the Automotive Accessories industry.

Our factory has its own Testing Facilities and R&D Dpt., this gives us the ability to research and develop the latest technologies, also, our 10000 factory space reaches the automotive market supplying demand. During last 2 years’ developing all over the North America and Canada, Saber X has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of Automotive LED Lighting Source & Accessories.

Saber X Industrial Inc. is proved to be one of the only U.S. Brands with 24/7 U.S. Tech. Support and stocking warehouse in U.S. and Canada.

  • LED Emergency
    Strobe Light / Light Bar

  • LED Headlight /
    Tail Light / Fog Lights

  • Offroad Light GHT Bar Kit
    With Full Specific Bracket
    For Entire Vehicles

  • LED Emergency Strobe
    Light / Light Bar

  • Full Size LED
    Driving Lights


With our on going efforts, we are proved to say all of our Saber X LED Productions have DOT Approval with highest quality and work relationship, also, our own patents for LED Emergency Strobe Warning Light / light Bar Series products have been registered in U.S.

In the pursuit of the best service to our customers, we are offering 24x7 U.S. Tel support customer service with local warehouses in the U.S. and Canada.

In pursuit of the highest quality standards! We will keep stepping forward to the further milestones.